For anyone wanting a beautiful, clear and balanced wildlife pond in their garden, with the option of enjoying a dip on a hot sunny day, our Swimming Ponds are the perfect solution and a lower cost option.

Built to our high standards and designed to be low maintenance, a swimming pond has an open water area for swimming, often a beach to encourage wildlife with additional features such as a jetty and deck.

Like our Natural Pools, they have a regeneration zone with attractive water plants, and a plant filter bed with reeds.
With less technical equipment than a Natural Pool our Swimming Ponds are the ultimate watery retreat for wildlife lovers and water enthusiasts.



A typical Swimming Pond project cost:

A swimming pond costs around £350 per m2 and will have an earth wall construction.

The cost of a project depends on factors such as construction, pool finish, size, type, design, features and finish and site conditions including ground, drainage, access and location. Please contact us to discuss your pool project further.