Ellicar Natural Swimming Pool
- as seen on TV

Our Ellicar show pool is the only Natural Pool in the UK open to the public to view.

We are holding our Open Natural Pool day on 16th June 1-5pm,
at our award winning, family show pool, here at Ellicar Gardens - Click here for more details

Visit our Show Pool June, July September Fridays 1-5pm Ellicar Gardens.
To visit the Ellicar Gardens website click here.

If you would prefer to visit by appointment at any time during the year, click here. We will contact you to arrange a private viewing of our award winning show pool located at Ellicar Gardens in South Yorkshire.

We built our award winning show pool in 2010- the start of Will and Sarah’s Ellicar Gardens.

The pool is 300sqm, 2.75m deep, with curved, paved steps leading to a large shallow end.

A gently sloping beach, with boulders is perfect for children to play and for wildlife.

The 28m long pool is great for swimming lengths and having fun.

A larch jetty, stepping-stones and ‘floating’ penny deck allow you to wander right out to the water and are great resting places for swimmers to linger.

Visitors are amazed by the clarity of our pool-it is like looking into a giant aquarium.

Water circulating through two old millstones and jets underneath the stepping-stones, makes beautiful ripple patterns on the water’s surface.

The water heats up rapidly due to the shallow beach and reed bed. The paving, stone copings on the submerged walls and boulders all help to radiate heat too.

We enjoy swimming from March through to October, with some hardy members of the family swimming right through winter.

This beautiful pool is constantly changing- with moods reflecting the sky - sometimes dark and reflective, other times the water sparkles like a million diamonds. 

It changes with the seasons - exquisite marginals flowering in spring, sumptuous water lilies grace the water throughout summer and the reeds take on subtle Autumnal hues. 

Winter is a great time for tree silhouettes reflected on the surface –the pool becomes a Sky Mirror.

Our pool has been thoroughly tried and tested over the years - the local scouts use it for water safety training, our numerous NGS garden visitors enjoy a paddle every summer and we do occasionally break a few of our own rules- the dogs and pet pig enjoy a paddle and our pet goose has been known to sneak the occasional dip on a hot day….

Ellicar Pool is the focal point of our garden and family life. 

We love spending family time together in and around the water and never tire of showing the pool to our many visitors.

Our favourite swimming time is early evening with the sun setting across the water, swallows dipping, and the occasional electric blue flash of our resident kingfisher.