A stunning Natural Pool designed and constructed to look like a beautiful garden pond.

Our Brief was to create a large, naturalistic pool with views of the water from the house. Our clients wished to sit in the evening sun and enjoy the pool and sound of water.

We constructed this Natural Pool using earth walls to retain the Regeneration Zone and Plant Filter. All our landscaping is in fact ‘hidden’ and the finished result is a very natural looking large 300sqm-swimming pond.

The pool flows around an existing patio linking the house with the west facing curved oak deck. The resulting living area around the water is superb. To the side of the deck and enjoyed from the house, a little stream splashes over cobblestones, through a bog garden, dropping into the pool.

This swimming pond really invites you to take a stroll around it and explore the generous pockets of beautiful marginals planted along its edges and the attractive reeds framing the beach. Water lilies and oxygenators in the Regeneration Zone look especially beautiful from the deck and oak jetty, and the bog garden is a mass of colour right through autumn.

We are especially pleased with this natural looking swimming pond and the beautiful, tranquil setting it has created for our clients