Sense of wellbeing beside the water

There is something compelling and uplifting about being beside water.

Think of holidays beside the sea, walks along rivers and picnics on a lakeshore.

Spending time beside the tranquil water of a Natural Pool is a sensory experience leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

It is also the perfect place to enjoy alfresco dining, a BBQ with the family, or just to sunbath and unwind with a book.

Like most gardeners, I struggle to sit down and relax anywhere in my garden, there is always a weed to pull or a plant to tweak, but I do sit for pleasure beside our Natural Pool.

My favorite place is out on the jetty, surrounded by crystal clear water, with a backdrop of birdsong and the soft hum of bumblebees working bright yellow flag irises nearby.

Sumptuous water lilies float across the water’s surface. Now and then I catch the uplifting fragrance of water mint, growing in drifts around the pool edges.

A gentle breeze rustles the reeds as water splashes energetically from a floating millstone, sending mesmerizing ripples down the pool, catching the sunlight.

It is easy to sit here and gaze down into this giant aquarium, getting drawn in, watching a pair of dark newts drift lazily underwater or following the flight of an iridescent blue dragonfly as it zigzags across the water’s surface, with a low-pitched whirring of delicate, veined wings.

In these 5 minutes of utter tranquility I could be anywhere in the world- but I’m sat in my own back garden, a short walk from the back door, beside our Natural Pool.

Swimming in a Natural Pool is good for your health.

With the rise in popularity of wild swimming, recent scientific surveys have shown swimming in fresh water to be beneficial for health, circulation and well being.

The chemical free, pure living water in a Natural Pool leaves your hair silky, your skin soft, and does not sting your eyes.

And there is no need to shower afterwards.

Swimming in a Natural Pool releases endorphins, leaving you feeling fantastic.

Most people who try swimming in a Natural Pool find it a completely different experience to conventional swimming.

Energising Swim

I’m addicted to an energizing morning swim and just can’t start the day without one now. A quick dip in the morning sets me up for the day, leaves me feeling invigorated, buzzing and ready to go. I’ll even race down to the pool and slip into the water at dawn if I have an early start. Early summer mornings swims with the pool still as glass and mist rising up from the water are quite ethereal.


Evening swims are completely different - here the pool beckons and calls us to unwind after a busy day.

Immersing yourself slowly into cool water, enjoying lazy lengths, or just floating on your back amongst the water lilies– it literally washes away the day’s troubles.

Just being in the water, surrounded by beautiful water plants and wildlife gives you a wonderful sense of connection to nature. Like wild swimming in your own garden- you emerge feeling a different, better person.

Deadlines, problems and life’s pressures are still there but somehow after a good swim they seem measurable.

Family Swim

Less sublime, but equally fun is ‘The Family Swim’ – in our family this includes three boisterous teenagers, a competitive father, 4 dogs and various other pets all noisily trying to join in a huge riot in the water- at this point the haven of tranquility is rather shot to pieces but everyone has great fun. This happens most evenings just after the restorative swim.

We have enjoyed our Natural Pool for 6 years now.

We swim regularly for 8 months of the year and will occasionally jump in for a dare in the depths of winter. The pool has enriched our lives, brought incredible wildlife into the garden, and is simply a beautiful place that brings us together as a family and makes us all feel good.