Light in the Winter Months

Lighting your pool and garden simply means you can enjoy it during the depths of winter - which is really uplifting on a dark winter’s evening.

Lighting is an art form – too much of it and the place soon looks like Blackpool illuminations- to little and it can look gloomy.

Ensata’s pool electrical and lighting specialist, Ian Schofield, works closely with our clients at design stage, creating both simple and effective lighting solutions to state of the art sound and light synchronized systems controlled by touch pads from the house.

It is important that the cabling and trunking is in place during construction to future proof the design.

Here are a few tips to consider when planning your pool and garden lighting:

In-pool lighting:

1 Underwater Lighting

is great for those late night swims on a balmy summer’s evening.

These can be expensive and powerful (even colourful) flange lights which light up the entire swim zone- or a lower cost option is to install spotlights, which can be mounted on the pool wall, under decking.

These softly light up the water, and create beautiful ripple patterns as you swim.

2 Moving Water

We love lighting effects of moving water in the pool- for instance ripples from the inflow jets; up-lighting water fountains in millstones; boulder bubblers; back lighting water cascades; rills even up-lighting the bubbles that rise form the carbonators.

Lighting effects on moving water creates a sensory experience and brings the water alive in the dark.

3 Safety Lighting around the pool

Spotlights set in around the water’s edge, in decking or stone coping. These are a good idea if you enjoy late night gatherings beside the water- they highlight the water’s edge safely for people.

4 Functional Lighting

Consider the activities you wish to enjoy outdoors- if you would like to sit and read beside the water, down lighters would be the answer- these can be mounted on pergolas, trees, garden buildings.

If you need to light the way to your pool, lighting a path, light washing a wall, spots lights set in the borders may work well.

5 Fibre Optics

These tiny pin-pricks of light, 2mm in diameter, sparkle in a star like effect around the pool - think fire flies in summer.

Easiest applied in decking- where the 2mm diameter fibre optic cables are drilled through the surface of the deck and polished smooth. You really do not see these until they are switched on at night- the effect is quite magical.

Our Ensata show pool has tiny fibre optic lights set into the penny deck surrounded by tall reeds. Fibre optics lights can be set on a ‘twinkle wheel’ where they literally sparkle, or a colour change option.

6 Depth of Field

The best lighting effects that allow you to enjoy your pool from further away are not actually in-pool lighting- rather up-lit garden features that are reflected to great effect in the water.

Specimen trees up-lit or laced with fairy lights will magically be reflected in the water. Likewise buildings softly washed with light,  statues up-lit, pergolas down-lit, create depth of field in the garden as well as illuminating your pool.

7 Winter Colour

One of our favourite lighting tricks is up lighting swathes of coloured cornus or red willows in winter in the borders beside the water- with soft white lighting, these literally glow like fireworks- and you get double the effect for your money as the borders are cast magically into the pool.