We've recently been awarded Gold Standard in The UK Pool & Spa Awards 2016 for Residential Outdoor Pool of the Year.


We were delighted to receive a Gold Standard in this year’s international UK Pool and Spa Awards. Facing tough competition from conventional pools around the world, our first ever Natural Pool project in Newark, clearly caught the judges' eye.

Still one of our favourite projects, this 180m2 Natural Pool is really like a Spa Pool.

Raised above the ground (due to high ground water conditions), this pool has attractive dry stone terraces, which soften the edges, integrating it into our client’s garden beautifully.

The 12m x 4m swim zone is ideal for lengths and family fun.

A gently sloping beach is the perfect place for our client’s young grandchildren to play, and helps to warm the water naturally. Paved steps leading down to a paved shallow end and stone coping on the internal walls also contribute to natural thermal gain.

This pool warms up quickly in spring, without heating, and reaches 22C and 24C in summer.

We were delighted to use our client’s own water lilies, which have been in her family for 100 years. They are simply stunning, flowering non- stop throughout the summer months.

This medium sized pool is quick and easy to look after, and our client is so happy with it she has now installed a cabin behind the sun deck, so she can enjoy the water in winter, which also doubles as an excellent spare bedroom for her guests.