One of our earliest and favourite projects, this 180sqm Natural Pool is so inviting and easy to maintain.

The site has a high water table and liable to flooding, so we constructed a raised pool with reinforced concrete base and appropriate drainage.

Dry stone terraces around the pool planted with colourful perennials and grasses soften the raised edges and integrate the pool into our client’s garden.

The result is a delightful small Natural Pool with a swimming area 12 x 4m including a paved shallow end and sloping beach.

Water circulates through the plant filter and back into the pool via the millstone and jets on the beach, creating soothing ripple patterns. The bubbling carbonator jets look very pretty. Wooden steps lead from the larch deck into the deep end, and we particularly like the ‘floating’ stepping-stones leading across the water.

Stone coping on the submerged walls helps to warm the water. This pool really warms up quickly thanks to the shallow beach and Plant Filter - regularly reaching 26C in summer.
We planted the Regeneraton Zone with some of our client’s own water lilies which have been in her family for 100 years. They are simply stunning.

The recent addition of a woodland cabin behind the deck allows our client to enjoy the water all year round.