Like wild swimming in your own garden, in crystal clear water, filtered naturally by beautiful water plants

A Natural Pool has a swimming area surrounded by beautiful water plants, which filter and purify the water naturally.

Swimming in this crystal clear, living water, has proven health benefits, leaving you feeling energized and restored.
The water plants, known as Regeneration Zones, are separated from the swimming area by submerged internal walls, giving you the unique experience of wild swimming in your own garden.

Ecologically a Natural Pool is a magnet for wildlife. Sit and enjoy watching swallows dipping, iridescent dragonflies darting across the water, birds bathing. Children spend hours exploring the fascinating under water world of pond life with mask and snorkel.
It’s not just about the wildlife though- our Biotop Natural Pools have low energy requirements, so low running costs.
Areas of shallow water mean the water heats naturally faster than a conventional pool, giving you a long swimming season without expensive heating.
Our Natural Pools are low maintenance and require little work during the swimming season.

We design and construct our Natural Pools to suit your lifestyle and fit into your garden. They can be small or large, any shape, contemporary, formal or naturalistic in style.

Enjoy your pool as it changes with the seasons.
A magical place for relaxing beside the water, for family fun, alfresco dining and outdoor living, or wildlife watching and water gardening.

A Natural Pool is so much more than just a swimming pool.


A typical Natural Pool project cost:

A 40m2 Natural Pool (with 20m2 swim zone) starts at £40,000.00 plus Vat

A 100m2 Natural Pool with 50m2 swim zone costs from £65,000 plus Vat

A 200m2 bespoke Natural Pool with 80m2 swim zone will cost around £100,000.00 plus Vat


The cost of a Natural Pool or conversion depends on factors such as construction, pool finish, size, type, design, features and finish and site conditions including ground, drainage, access and location. Please contact us to discuss your pool project further.