Design Process

Ensata offers a bespoke design and consultation service for both domestic and commercial Natural Pools.

Most projects start with a visit to our show pool, where clients will quickly understand the water quality, design and planting possibilities as well as construction and hard landscaping options for the pool finish.

The next step is for us to visit your garden for a site survey and consultation.

We look at your requirements for both in and around the water, taking into consideration the age of family members, how you would like to use your pool and your preferred style.

As well as assessing your site for drainage requirements, ground conditions and local weather patterns, we explore views across the water, and ways of screening the wind to improve the pool’s thermal gain.

Based on all this information we draw up bespoke Concept Plans for your Natural Pool and often include the wider garden.

When designing a Natural Pool we try to think of everyone’s needs- including your wildlife.

We include native species to attract pollinators, create areas in the pool for specific dragon fly species, and plan for bird bathing spots, with cobbles and boulders. We include wildlife escape routes, newt hibernation areas, even king fisher perches, and of course wildlife viewing spots where you can sit and enjoy being at one with nature.

We are experts at merging the boundaries of your pool and garden- using plants in and around the water’ edge to unify the whole design.

Our design services include Pool and Garden Concept Plans, Planting Plans, detailed CAD drawings and Visuals and assistance with Planning Applications. We also work closely together with your Architect or Landscape Architect to realise your pool and garden project.

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