Our pools are designed and constructed specifically to be accessible and low maintenance, leaving you more time to enjoy the water during the swimming season.


  • Daily, check the skimmer - a two-minute job. If you are away on holiday you can turn off the skimmer leaving the filtration system running.
  • Fortnightly, use the pool robot to vacuum the swim zone floor. Alternatively the swim zone may be vacuumed manually once a month. For a medium sized Natural Pool this will take around 1 hour.


  • Net out any leaves that have fallen into the water.

Winter Service:

  • In winter we professionally service our clients’ pools.
  • Reeds and marginal plants are cut back and removed. The swim zone floor is vacuumed, leaves are removed and
  • Regeneration zones are cleaned.
  • Pumps and filters are serviced and the water is tested.

During the winter, pumps can be turned off or left running.


  • Brush down the pool walls and thoroughly vacuum the swim zone floor ready for the swimming season.
  • Remove any leaves or debris that may have accumulated through winter.

Full Service:

Usually once every 5 years, your Natural Pool will need a full service to maintain and aerobic system and clear, hygienic water.

Ensata provides this service for our clients.


Pool and pond maintenance Equipment available to purchase from us by mail order:

Manual Pool Vacuum with water discharge.

Manual Pool Vacuum with water recirculation option.

Pool Robot.

Pool net

Pool brush

Scyth for cutting back oxygenators and water plants

Please contact us for costs or to book an appointment for a pool robot demonstration session.




Every three to five years, a full service should be performed on your natural pool. Particular attention is paid to the regeneration area in this service.

In spring and autumn, the pool walls and floor should be brushed and vacuumed using a silt vacuum. Dead wetland and water plants should be removed and the remaining plants cut back.