The perfect symbiosis of a conventional pool with a Natural Pool, with the advantage of pure, living water.

A Living Pool is similar in appearance to a conventional pool- just the swimming area.

Using specific Biotop filtration, the water is purified without the need for chemicals, to allow you to swim in crystal clear, pure, living water.

Unlike a conventional pool, which requires continual monitoring and maintenance, a Living Pool is serviced twice a year, and during the swimming season a pool robot cleans the floor and sides.

By choosing attractive materials to finish your pool, such as paving and decking, a Living Pool can be designed and constructed to fit in seamlessly with your house and garden.

The water may be left to heat naturally or heated with an air source heat pump and thermal cover to give you optimum water temperatures during the swimming season.


A typical Living Pool project cost:

A 30m2 Living Pool without water plants starts from £30,000.00 plus Vat

The cost of a project depends on factors such as construction, pool finish, size, type, design, features and finish and site conditions including ground, drainage, access and location. Please contact us to discuss your pool project further.