Convert your existing swimming pool into a beautiful Natural Pool with crystal clear, living water.

Many people come to us tired of the work, chemicals and expense involved in looking after a conventional swimming pool.
We are able to convert your existing conventional swimming pool into a beautiful Natural Pool by adding a Regeneration Area and Plant Filter. (see our technical page)

A Natural Pool conversion is low maintenance, wildlife friendly, with crystal clear water that is chemical free and low maintenance.

Alternatively we can easily convert your conventional pool into a Living Pool, using Biotop technology and mechanical filtration, to provide you with chemical free living water.

If you would like to find out more about pool conversions please feel free to contact us.

Once you have experienced the joy of swimming in fresh water it is hard to go


A typical Pool Conversion project cost:

Filtration conversion systems to convert a conventional pool to a Living Pool start at £15,000.00 plus Vat

Conversions with water plants (Hybrid Pool) start around £30,000.00 plus Vat

The cost of a conversion depends on factors such as construction, pool finish, size, type, design, features and finish and site conditions including ground, drainage, access and location. Please contact us to discuss your pool project further.