Public Natural Pools are becoming a real option for developers in the UK, both as commercial Natural Swimming Pools and as ecological Natural Pools in public recreational spaces.


With the surge of interest in Wild Swimming, we are seeing the European outdoor bathing culture spread rapidly in the UK.

Spring 2015 saw the UK’s first Public Natural Swimming Pool – a Biotop pool - opening at the Kings Cross Brownfield Site - The Kings Cross Pond.
Biotop have been building Public Natural Swimming Pools on the continent for over 30 years now. All Biotop public pools are built to the rigorous German outdoor bathing water standards-FLL (Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau e.V - the Landscaping and Landscape Development Research Society).

With Sarah’s experience in designing public spaces and community gardens combined with our pool building expertise using the Biotop system, Ensata offers design, consultation, construction and project management for public Natural Pools with additional maintenance and water managment.

With an increasing demand to provide much needed public outdoor spaces for relaxation and recreation, combined with creating vital wildlife habitats, a public Natural Swimming Pool is becoming a real option for developers.

Photographs by John Sturrock