Your Natural Pool in Spring


We are enjoying a long, drawn out spring here at Ellicar Gardens, with our own Natural Pool reaching 17C in late March, we are already swimming regularly and have been preparing our pool for the summer swimming season ahead.

Ensata’s Top Tips for getting your pool ready for the swimming season:

1. Brush down the sides and coping walls with a long reach, pool brush.

2. Thoroughly vacuum the swim zone floor.

3 Gently rake out any leaves trapped amongst the reeds and use the net to lift debris from the regeneration zones.

4. Now’s the time to be vigilant about algae- if your pool appears murky in early spring, it will most likely have single cell algae, try adding some water fleas -daphne- they eat single cell algae and will clear the water in a couple of days.

5. If you see filamentous algae appear, particularly in shallow water areas don’t panic, this usually happens in early spring as the water warms up and before the water plants have started growing. Remove the algae with a net and keep the skimmer clear.

The pool usually settles down as soon as the water plants begin to grow.

6. Natural Pools with excess algae problems in spring will most likely be suffering from a water imbalance – call us for a consultation and water test.

7. It is important to boost the growth of your water plants, so start feeding them in early May once they come into growth. We supply plant feed with the correct nutrients for Natural Pools.

8. Try to encourage oxygenator growth - if necessary we will replant oxygenators in your pool.

9. Wildlife:Look in your regeneration zones for newts, tadpoles, pond life activity and bats- all these are active in our own pool now- a good sign the swimming season is around the corner.

10. Start your routine swimming season maintenance program now.

We find using a pool robot once a fortnight for half an hour has cut down dramatically the time we spend vacuuming our pool during the summer months.

Contact us for a demonstration or to place an order.

We wish you all a happy swimming season from the Ensata Team!