The world-renowned Austrian Biotop system.

The world-renowned Austrian Biotop system.

Ensata are fully trained and accredited UK Biotop partners.

Austrian company Biotop developed the first Natural Pool 30 years ago, and is now the internationally acclaimed market leader in Natural Pool filtration.

Biotop’s founder and CEO Peter Petrich is vice president of the IOB, the International Organisation for natural Bathing waters.

Biotop has a strong ecological ethos and 80 trained international partners, with over 5000 domestic Natural Pools and 30 commercial pools all over the world.

Using Biotop’s patented water balancing technology and equipment, our Natural Pools have water hygiene and quality to the German FLL international industry standard.


A few reasons to choose a Biotop pool:

  • The surface Skimmer system, with a parabolic sieve, filters water effectively without blocking or harming wildlife.
  • Other patented pool equipment includes the Biotop Carbonator, with patents granted for the phosphorous filter "PhosTec Ultra" and the Biotop Living Pool.
  • All Biotop’s Natural Pools are designed and constructed for easy maintenance, keeping the system aerobic and maintaining the highest water quality.
  • Biotop are the only company to offer comprehensive on-going support and advice for Natural Pool maintenance and water management.
  • Maintenance equipment is user friendly designed especially for Biotop Natural Pools, including pool vacuums and cleaning robots.
  • Biotop’s high volume, low-pressure filtration system, combined with gravity filtration means low energy requirements with low running costs.
  • All materials used in the pool are thoroughly tested and meet the highest standards required for a Biotop Natural Pool, including substrates, filtration materials, rocks, boulders, gravels.
  • Biotop are the longest running and most experienced Natural Pool building company in the world.

  • No other system can boast 5000 references worldwide.
  • The first commercial Natural Pool system was developed by Biotop in 1985, there are now 30 public Biotop Natural Pools in the world.
  • Biotop holds several patents and is the winner of numerous international prizes in the field of Natural Pool technology and ecological innovation.
  • The Biotop system of water filtration works with nature not against it.
  • Biotop provide full technical support for our pools, from initial systems design consultation and dimensioning through to specialised in house laboratory water testing.
  • The Research and Development department at Biotop’s headquarters keeps Biotop at the forefront of Natural Pool technology with new Natural Pool innovations and technology made available to all Biotop partners.
  • Biotop’s filtration system is the best, with water percolating from top to bottom.
  • The multi-patented water balancing equipment is not only designed and constructed specifically for Natural Pools, it is also the best quality available on the market.


The water in our Natural Pools is purified and filtered using water plants in Regeneration Zones.
These Regeneration Zones are separated from the Swimming Zone by low, submerged walls.

Water is circulated around the pool using special submerged pumps. It passes through Biotop’s patented water balancing equipment and is returned back to the pool using jets, fountains, rills and cascades.
The pool’s surface is kept clean via an animal friendly skimmer.

Each of our pools is designed and dimensioned to work with the site, weather conditions and according to the amount of use it will receive.



Water Temperature:

The shallow water of the Plant Filter (reeds) means the water rapidly heats up naturally.
A Natural Pool will have a longer swimming period than a conventional unheated pool with water temperatures of 22- 26C in summer.

Our Natural Pools are lined using a thick, industrial grade TPO liner, which is skillfully heat welded in place in sections.
The finish is smooth and even and has no creases that will trap algae.
The finished surface is easy to clean and pleasant to stand on.
Liners are available in various colours, including blue, green, grey and black.
The liner can be paved.

Please contact us for more information about Natural Pool filtration and the Biotop system