Meet the team

We are fully trained and highly specialised UK Biotop partners, who relish the challenges of building these spectacular Natural Pools.

We bring together our expertise for pool and garden design, pool construction and garden landscaping, planting design, ecology and water management.

We share with our clients our own invaluable experience looking after our Ellicar Natural Pool, which is open to view throughout the year. 

Together we are an eclectic team with a shared passion for the work that we do. We are proud of our projects and are committed to creating the most beautiful Natural Pools for our clients to enjoy for years to come.



Andrew Watkinson

Director, Pool and Landscape Construction Manager, Andrew heads our highly skilled pool construction team. With years of experience as a landscape craftsman, Andrew is on site and building our pools and gardens with dedication, precision and extraordinary attention to detail, from start to finish.


Sarah Murch

Director, Horticulturalist, Garden and Pool Designer, Sarah designs our Natural Pools to fit beautifully into our clients’ lifestyles and gardens. Passionate about plants, wildlife and wild swimming, in her spare time Sarah enjoys looking after her own family garden and menagerie at Ellicar Gardens.


Will Murch

Director, Water Specialist and Horticulturalist, Will combines his passion for water, plant health and wildlife as our pool Consultant. He is responsible for pool dimensioning, hydraulics, water quality, hygiene and Natural Pool ecology and maintenance.
As an enthusiastic wild swimmer, he is also the one who doesn’t mind getting wet in winter!